5 reasons to apply for a business support programme

Applications for the 2022 Somerset Catalyst programme close this Sunday 20th March, so time to get your skates on!

The 14-week programme will see entrepreneurs receive 1-2-1 coaching, weekly peer group workshops, and the opportunity to present business plans to carefully selected experts with in-depth knowledge and skills relevant to their industry.

If you are tempted but not sure how a business support programme will help you, we’ve pulled together just a few examples of the benefits:

  1. As the founder of a new business, you are passionate, dedicated, and think your product or service is the bee’s knees. This is excellent but does mean that you can be clouded by passion. A mentor can take an objective look at your business plan, see areas that may need strengthening and where there are opportunities, and more importantly they will challenge you.
  2. Mentors will bring years of experience and invaluable expertise to the table. You can learn from their successes and mistakes.
  3. You can use mentors as a sounding board. Being an entrepreneur or owner of a new business can be lonely, and a bit nerve-wracking. You can be brimming with ideas on how to take you business to the next level, and often you just want someone to run these ideas passed someone before you dive straight in.
  4. You can learn from your peers. The Somerset Catalyst programme brings together all successful applicants for webinars and roundtable discussions, so you can share ideas, challenges and personal experiences in a supportive and confidential environment. No matter what industry you are in, there are often similar challenges and there is always someone who can help with some suggestions.
  5. The Somerset Catalyst programme can take you from a small business mentality, to thinking BIG! Don’t just take our word for it, you can read about the successes of last year’s businesses here.

Funded by the Somerset councils, Somerset Catalyst is part of a wider business support programme that is rolling out across the county. Our goal is to create the necessary positive culture, support system and infrastructure to create economic growth that will ripple across all its communities and put Somerset on the innovation map of the UK.

Find out more about the Somerset Catalyst programme and how to apply here. But hurry, you only have until Sunday 20th March 2022!

5 reasons to apply for a business support programme