Where do you start? Think about building your senior team first and adding more talent as you grow.

Team experience

  1. You should be looking for someone that complements your skills and brings something new to the business. Perhaps you’re great with product development but not so good with sales, or you are creative but don’t like crunching numbers. You need a diverse set of skills in your business to succeed, so look at where the gaps are and concentrate on filling those.
  2. Ideally you also want to hire someone who has experience of fast growth and knows what it looks like. They need to be self-starters that can make things happen. Now is not the time to be hiring people that need a lot of handholding or training.

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  1. Take the interview out of the interview room. People tend to behave differently in an interview environment, so how do they behave in a more informal setting? How do they interact with others and are they the kind of person you can see on your team?
  2. Hold 2-3 interviews and if you are at the stage where you already have a team, make sure you include people in the interview process that the candidate would report into and those that would report into them.
  3. Make sure you have a diverse interview panel. You want to get a variety of perspectives on the candidate, but if your panel lacks diversity you are in danger of creating an echo chamber. People tend to hire people who are like them, and as we’ve already alluded to, that’s not good for business!

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Leading a team

  1. Leading a team effectively is all about good communication and respecting your team. Make sure your whole team knows your purpose and why your company exists and take them on the journey with you.
  2. Enjoy the journey! Remember that your business is your people. Get together often and share the challenges and successes together.

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Ultimately, every business (and founder) is different, and it’s important that you are true to both.

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