Meet Matthew Bartlett at Midnight Mango Ltd

Q: Can you tell us a little about your business?

Our company, Midnight Mango Ltd is a booking agency in the live music sector. We represent a roster of artists and negotiate deals with talent buyers both nationally and internationally. We incorporated in 2010. We provide services to freelance booking agents to enable them to do their job better and more quickly. This final aspect is the focus of this programme rather than the booking part, which we have been doing for many years.


Q: Where did your business idea come from?

During the pandemic, part of our Culture Recovery Funding Bid was to help freelance booking agents who were unable to access government funding. We had employed freelance agents before, but this approach really forced us to consider our freelance agents as our customers.


Q: What makes Midnight Mango distinctive?

The approach we are taking to provide services to freelance agents – I don’t think anywise else is doing that. It provides great flexibility to the agent regarding when and where and for how long they work.


Q: What are your business goals for the next 6-12 months?

To train and employ another five agents (we have 9 so far).


Q: How do you feel about being chosen to join the Somerset Catalyst programme?



Q: What have you taken from the advice and workshops so far?

We are working on our value proposition and aligning that with customer feedback.


Q: Why do you think Somerset is such a great place to do business?

Our company is based in Somerset, but our agents can be based anywhere. Our talent clients and our talent buying users are based all over the world. In answer to your question Somerset is a great place to do business, because we get access to the Somerset Catalyst Programme.